1. How long is an engagement/contract length?

Answer: Our minimum contract length is 3 months

2. What payment methods are accepted?

Answer: Wire Transfer, Paypal, Xoom and Western Union Money Transfer

3. What are the working hours for my Virtual Assistant/s?

Answer: Your Virtual Assistant will work 40 hours per week from 11am-8pm EST.

4. Is this my employee?

Your VA works exclusively for you and your company and they are employed by REA Inc.

5. Do I have to pay US employee tax?

NO, one of the benefits of staffing with Virtual Resource is that you do not have to pay USA employee taxes.

6. Do I have to pay health benefits?

Answer: NO, one of the benefits of staffing with REA Inc is that you do not have to pay employee health benefits. REA Inc covers all health benefits for your Virtual Assistant/s.

7. What overhead do I need to pay?

Answer: NO, all overhead costs are covered by REA Inc and there is no overhead, just flat rate.

8. Does my Virtual Assistant/s speaks English fluently?

Answer: Yes, all employees are required to pass English speaking and writing proficiency exams. Philippines is known worldwide for excellent English speaking and all of our Virtual Agents are college educated and have learned the English language since their childhood. English is the official business language in the Philippines and is widely spoken. Philippines speaks excellent English compared with other Asian peers as the Philippine system is patterned after the American system.

9. How do I communicate with my Virtual Assistant overseas?

Depending on your configuration there are several methods including phone calls, instant messaging, skype, email, video conference, etc.

10. Can I give a pay raise or bonus to my VA?

Answer: Yes, commission equals motivation. Bonuses and pay raise can be negotiated, however due to inner office conflict and pay scales REA Inc will advise on pay raises and bonuses.

11. Are the working conditions good?

Answer: Yes, our office is in enterprise office space.

12. What type of computer workstation does my virtual assistant have?

Answer: All computers are high quality PC using Windows 7.

13. Can I retain my VA after my contract is over?

Answer: Contract lengths are set at 12 months to ensure a long working relationship. At your contract end we can renew contracts for an additional 12 months and your team members will be retained by you. Contract renewals will need to be made at least one month before contract end.

14. What are the holidays?

Answer: We observe USA Federal Holidays and if you’re from UK and Australia then it would be the same with your respective Holidays.

15. Can I ask the VA to work overtime or on Holidays?

Answer: Yes, you can ask the VA to work on Holidays or overtime. Usually working on Holidays is best if offset by a different day off. Holiday pay is double the normal rate and REA Inc will inform you of any additional charges. Same with the overtime rate/pay.

16. What are the set up costs/fees?

Answer: There is no setup fee for a REA Inc Virtual Assistant. This is the reason why our clients choose us because of the competitive offering we have.  Payments are to be made bi-monthly prior to every other week invoice sent to you.

17. What is a cost for hiring a Virtual Assistant?

Answer: This would depend on the scope of work, number of hours and the level of expertise of the virtual assistant you need. We have 2 types of VA the intermediate level and the expert level.  Please call our hotline for more detailed information.

18. What makes Philippines better than other outsourcing areas?

Answer: There are many advantages to the Philippines compared to other areas. Some of them are Excellent English, Great Work Ethic, Highly Educated, Supportive Government and Infrastructure.

19. What if I am not satisfied with my current VA, will you replace them?

Answer: Replacement is a sensitive process as it involves firing someone. We have specific protocol in place for firing. If there is any problems with the VA inform REA Inc right away so problems can be rectified immediately.

20. Can I help in the hiring interview process?

Answer: Yes, if you would like to talk to your potential VA before the official hiring that can be arranged. Also, if you have specific questions or tests you want to have asked that is possible.

21. Can I terminate the contract early?

Answer: Terminating a contract early will result in an early termination fee equal to One (1) month of each terminated Agent’s monthly rate.

22. What type of internet access and speeds are available?

Answer: Our office uses HIGH-SPEED internet connection (Fiber optic connection).

23. What other companies are located in the Philippines?

Answer: Most large companies have operations in the Philippines including JP Morgan Chase, Lexmark, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Pixar-Disney, Convergys, HP, Dell, HSBC, United Airlines, BAC, AT&T, Sprint, Accenture, Kodak etc.


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